Sensor Power is designed to break down even the heaviest accumulations of waste, tissue, soap and grease to restore normal sensor function in both gray and black water tanks. This is the best Sensor cleaner on the market!

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Sensor Power is a bacterial-enzyme solution that is 20 times more concentrated than any of our other formulas. It is designed to restore sensor function in holding tanks where extreme & long-term build-up has caused chronic sensor or level gauge malfunction, or in tanks where chemical use has caused premature build-up. Sensor Power safely & effectively cleans sensors, tank walls, valves & piping in any holding tank.


Avoid costly sanitation costs by using on a regular basis to prevent build-up on sensors and help maintain holding tanks. All it takes is 8 ounces per year!

Positive Environmental Impact

The friendly bacteria & enzymes in Sensor Power actually benefit holding tanks, dump station facilities, sewage treatment plants and even septic systems thereby providing a positive impact to the surrounding water & soil.

Key features of Sensor Power:

  • Use just 8 oz. per holding tank treatment
  • No harsh chemicals, easy to use
  • All natural solution removes chemical build-up
  • Will not harm valves, piping or tanks
  • Safe for septic systems, dump stations & treatment facilities