Pure Power Blue is an all new biological formula with proprietary BioBlastPlus™ odor control technology that performs without fail in all temperature conditions. Use only 2 oz. or 1 pouch per treatment in both black & gray tanks! This high powered mixture of enzyme-producing bacteria is sure to keep your holding tanks clean and odor-free. Put the power of this revolutionary new formula to work for you and see what a difference it makes. This chemical-free, CA compliant solution is accepted at all campgrounds, RV parks, and RV/Marine dump stations. Safe to use in all septic systems. Will not harm children or pets. Fresh and clean scent. Use only 2 oz. or 1 pouch per 40 gallons!

Safe & Natural Ingredients

Pure Power Blue is the ultimate treatment to safely, economically & effectively maintain holding tanks & all related plumbing components. Our advanced solution of 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, enzyme-producing bacteria puts Pure Power Blue in a class by itself. This environmentally friendly formula actually enhances the naturally occurring bacterial activity in septic systems, dump station facilities & sewage treatment plants.


Avoid costly sanitation costs by using on a regular basis to maintain holding tanks and prevent build-up in system. All it takes is 1-2 ounces per month!

Positive Environmental Impact

The friendly bacteria & enzymes in Pure Power Blue actually benefit holding tanks, dump station facilities, sewage treatment plants and even septic systems thereby providing a positive impact to the surrounding water & soil.

Key features of Pure Power Blue:

  • Instant odor control
  • Works in high and low temperatures
  • Liquefies all waste and toilet paper
  • Keeps level gauges functioning properly
  • Chemical free
  • Extremely low cost per treatment