This is the only FAST, SAFE, & EASY metal cleaner and brightener on the market. No scary pictograms here. In fact, this ‘acid’ is so safe you might not even need gloves. Spray, brush, rinse…that’s it!

The details:
Our safe formula removes rust stains and oxidation from aluminum, stainless steel and chrome. Excellent results on diamond plate and wheels and will not turn aluminum white or gray.

  • Replaces multiple acid blends
  • Does not contain hydrofluoric acid or muriatic acid
  • Will not etch or attack polished surfaces
  • Is safe on painted surfaces and decals
  • Will not haze or dull aluminum


Metal Maintenance


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Metal Maintenance


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I just wanted to express my DEEPEST appreciation & gratitude for your Pet Force product. It is not a good feeling when your cat pees all over your clothes & floor. That Pet Force is effective & it smells good is… relieving. I just can’t thank you enough. THANK YOU.

I specialize in urine contamination treatment, so I’ve worked on hundreds of urine problems over the years, and I’ve never found anything that works quite like Pet Force. I tried it on several different applications, and it worked just like you said it would. Now that I found Pet Force, I don’t have to keep looking around for another urine control product. I am not impressed easily, but was certainly impressed with your product. Thanks for your time.
Allen Cray, AC Carpet Care