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My husband and I are full time RV'ers, and I have used many products to try to get rid of the unpleasant odors that come from the holding tanks and drains. Since we have been using your product, Pure Power, we have not had a problem with the odors. What an easy product to use, and not a mess to clean up afterwards.

If we are away from our rig for the weekend we simply fill the holding tanks and put in the Pure Power and let it work while we are gone. Viola! When we come home the drains and holding tanks are rid of the unpleasant odors that can build up. We do this about once a month or so. It really does work. Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful product. It's wonderful! Thanks Again -- Chuck & Sonnie Nelson

Just a note about your new product Pure Power. Two weeks ago my wife and I pulled into a campground for a one-week stay. We had been on the road for several days and so the first thing that I did when we arrived was to dump our tanks. But I forgot to close the black tank handle. So for the next seven days the tank stayed open. When we got ready to leave, I hooked up the back flush and went back to flush the tanks. After letting the tank fill up for several minutes I tried to drain the tank. That's when I noticed the handle was not closed. I tried to fill the tank with water again and then pulled the handle, but no water came out. I soon realized that the tank was full of solid mass and was not going to drain. What a mess I had.

I took some time to think what to do next. My wife suggested that we put water in the tank and add a quart of your Pure Power and let it sit overnight. Well, in went the Pure Power and down the road we went. The next morning I went out to drain the tank and to my amazement it drained as it should! This was a great feeling. Pure Power broke up all of the solid mass and worked just as advertised. We will never be without it again. Thanks for a product that worked as advertised. Sincerely -- Wayne & Carlene Morris, Full-time RV'ers
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"In almost all cases, a high quality bacterial enzyme solution will outperform chemically based cleaners for a given application and it will do so safely."
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