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I've been using a formaldehyde-based product in my holding tank. Do I need to rinse my tank before using Pure Power?
If it is convenient to do so, your holding rank should be thoroughly rinsed prior to using Pure Power. The formaldehyde concentrations contained in some of the popular holding tank deodorizers can be toxic to the friendly bacteria in Pure Power. If it is inconvenient or impossible to rinse your holding tank, we recommend doubling the dose for first time use. There is strength in numbers! The additional bacteria should be able to withstand the harsh environment & begin the cleaning & breakdown process.

It seems like I've tried every holding tank treatment on the market, why is Pure Power better than any of the others I've tried?
Quite simply, the power of bacteria & enzymes. Bacteria & their resultant enzymes are the only way to effectively & completely break down waste & other organic matter. Through this natural breakdown process, the bacteria in your holding tank also help to eliminate noxious odors & keep your tank free of any build-up. The chemical additives that are commonly used in holding tanks are designed to deodorize & preserve the contents until the tank is once again emptied. On the other hand, Pure Power acts to immediately start breaking down the waste & eliminating odors through natural bacterial action, thereby eliminating the need for strong chemicals that usually serve to create more problems than they actually solve. (Just ask anyone who has had their 3" discharge line plugged solid with waste how well the preservative in their holding tank treatment worked for them!)

I don't like the expensive RV & Marine toilet paper, can I use my regular household toilet paper with Pure Power?
Absolutely. The bacterial-enzyme action of Pure Power acts to break down even regular household 2-ply toilet paper. With Pure Power, you can continue to use the same toilet paper you use at home.

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"In almost all cases, a high quality bacterial enzyme solution will outperform chemically based cleaners for a given application and it will do so safely."
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