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OP Products is a specialty manufacturer of high quality bacterial-enzyme solutions that are ideally suited to meet the cleaning and maintenance demands of our industrial, commercial, and retail customer base. By utilizing cutting edge microbe technology, we are able to formulate highly effective products that serve to replace many of the chemical-based products so prevalent in the marketplace.

OP Products is a family owned corporation dedicated to providing consumers with new and innovative products that serve to simplify our increasingly complicated lifestyles.

Our mission is to manufacture safe and useful products that will not harm the environment or endanger the health and well-being of individual users. We believe that a company's reputation is one of its core valued assets, therefore we are dedicated to conducting business on sound ethical principles, based upon integrity, honesty and fairness to all business partners and society in general.

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"In almost all cases, a high quality bacterial enzyme solution will outperform chemically based cleaners for a given application and it will do so safely."
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