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Why bacteria?
Bacteria are known as “nature’s cleaners”. Without the presence of bacteria (and their associated enzymes) life would, quite literally, not exist as we know it. Bacteria are essential to the breakdown of human and animal waste. They are also essential to the health and well-being of all species, including humans. Over the course of the last few decades microbiologists have successfully isolated various strains of “beneficial” bacteria for use as cleaners and waste digesters in a number of different commercial and industrial applications. In many cases, it has been found that bacteria are the safest and most effective means for breaking down waste and removing unwanted constituents from a particular environment.

Are bacteria safe?
The bacteria used in our products are non-pathogenic, friendly Bacillus bacteria. These types of bacteria are cultivated from natural sources, therefore they are perfectly safe to use in any cleaning or maintenance situation.

Do bacteria and enzymes perform as well as some of the chemical-based products I use?
In almost all cases, a high quality bacterial-enzyme solution will outperform chemical-based cleaners for a given application, and it will do so safely. Many of the chemicals used in cleaners are toxic to some degree, and some of them are capable of causing serious injury or death when handled improperly.

I’ve used bacterial-enzyme products before and they didn’t work for me.
Why is this?

Many products containing bacteria and/or enzymes do not perform well because they contain low concentrations of bacteria, or the bacteria are of inferior quality. Many companies tend to cut corners when formulating such products because it is expensive to package high quality bacteria and enzymes in a concentrated form that will work well for it's intended use. We are in business because we firmly believe in what we are doing.
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"In almost all cases, a high quality bacterial enzyme solution will outperform chemically based cleaners for a given application and it will do so safely."
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